Game Set Match - Nic Jones

Game Set Match - Nic Jones




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Released 2006.

This CD gathers together a remarkable series of live performances from the late 1970’s from one of the most innovative, influential and respected musicians of the mid twentieth century.

“These late 70’s recordings are truly special. They capture Nic Jones at his finest.” – Uncut

“It’s magic of real snap and tensile strength. It feels like a definitive way to get in touch with the tradition – an egoless trip with ancient voice.” – The Independent

“Reaffirms Nic’s rightful legend as a colossus of the folk revival with his relaxed vocal style, his light innovative, percussive guitar accompaniments and his unique way of storytelling. Just hearing him creates a warm glow of recognition, familiarity and joy.” – fRoots Magazine


Track 1 – Bonny Light Horseman

Track 3 – Flanders Shore


  • Bonny Light Horseman
  • Seven Yellow Gypsies
  • Flanders Shore
  • Rufford Park Poachers
  • Jolly Bold Robber
  • Clyde Water
  • Billy Don’t You Weep For Me
  • Demon Lover
  • Master Kilby
  • Banks of Fordie
  • Hamburger Polka
  • Isle of France
  • Dives and Lazarus
  • Ploughman Lads
  • Lakes of Shillin