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A compilation from earlier vinyl releases the Mean Old Scene and A Right Song & Dance.


Track 5 – Manchester Angel


  • It’s A Mean Old Scene (Pete Coe)
  • The Alimony Run (Pete Coe)
  • I Do Not Want To Lose You (Terry Conway)
  • Wait Til The Clouds Roll By (JT Wood/HJ Fulmer)
  • Manchester Angel (trad)
  • Down By The Waters Rolling (trad)
  • The Pennine Way (Pete Coe)
  • Seven Gypsies (trad)
  • Whinham’s Jig/Morgan Rattler (trad)
  • When The Red Rose Blooms Again (Pete Coe)
  • Poverty Knock (trad)
  • Road To Ballysodare/Kirkgate Hornpipe (trad)
  • The Jackdaw (Pete Coe)
  • Sons Of Freedom (trad)
  • John Brown’s March (trad)
  • Rolling Down The Ryburn (Pete Coe)