Broadside Songs - The Halliard

Broadside Songs - The Halliard




Released 2006. Originally released in 2005 as part of a Special Edition Companion Set The Halliard: Broadside Songs – a songbook with insert CD. The album is now available in jewel cased format with 8-page booklet.

First 7 tracks recorded in 1968. Following 10 tracks recorded in 2005.
Words and Music to all the tracks are contained in The Halliard Broadside Songbook.

“A Unicorn has galloped into my yard. For many of us, The Halliard has been a fabulous beast from the late 60’s, famous for its association with Nic Jones but cursed with a discography which did little justice to its influential set of broadside songs. Now the legend snorts and canters around me: a 59-minute CD of old and new recordings. Now justice has been done.” – Tony Hendry/Living Tradition Magazine

From the review of the Companion Set:

“They were original and creative and immensely popular, and many of their tunes entered the collective Folk Unconscious and have subsequently surfaced as ‘traditional, arranged’ – Boys of Bedlam as recorded by Steeleye Span is the best known, but one of many... A remarkable CD which contains a mixture of archive and recent recordings of the three of them. Remarkable partly because Dave Moran now lives in Australia and the other two do not (so they recorded their bits sequentially rather than together) and partly because of how good and fresh it all sounds... now I recognise just how great was their influence on a generation of folk revivalists.” – Maggie Holland/fRoots Magazine


Track 4 – Going For a Soldier

Track 10 – Boys of Bedlam


  • Calico Printer’s Clerk
  • Ladies Go A-Thieving
  • Tae The Weavers Gin ye Go
  • Going for a Soldier Jenny
  • The Workhouse Boy
  • A Thousand Miles Away
  • The Last Farewell of Frost, Jones & Williams
  • The Diggins O!
  • British Man of War
  • Boys of Bedlam
  • The Victory
  • Clever Tom Clinch
  • Durham Militia
  • Collier Lass
  • Bold Nevison
  • Jullien’s Original Polka
  • Lancashire Lads