Backbone - Pete Coe

Backbone - Pete Coe



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One of Mike Harding’s Top Ten CDs of 2010.

“He’s an impressive singer, songwriter, and a multi-instrumentalist... and can handle anything from traditional ballads to comic material.” – The Guardian ****

“This outstanding album demonstrates that not only is his strength undiminished, his hunger for exploring the music and presenting it in new and interesting ways is as keen as ever.” – fRoots

“Pete Coe’s formidable contribution across four decades remains largely unsung. It’s a pernicious oversight, as this boldly forthright collection proves.” – Mojo

“One of those rare artists who can be both traditional and innovative at the same time. Quite simply, Coe at his best” – R2 Rock’N’Reel

“This fine disc should itself by rights form a backbone of your own CD collection.” – Living Tradition

“What marks this one out as probably his best solo album is the great attention to detail; recording quality, programming, design and so on, and he is in remarkably good voice throughout.” – EDS

“He treats songs and tunes as trusted friends and they return the compliment.” – Tykes News


Track 1 – Byker Hill


  • Byker Hill
  • Fair Margaret & Sweet William
  • The Recruiting Officer/The Roman Wall
  • Wife Of Usher’s Well
  • Monday Morning
  • Flora
  • The Lily Of The West
  • Poor Old Horse
  • Sheffield Apprentice
  • Blind Man He Can See
  • Cruel Mother
  • Swedish Tunes
  • Light From The Lighthouse
  • Bonus live track: Sound Of Hohner