One More Dance & Then - New Victory Band

One More Dance & Then - New Victory Band



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A re-issue of the original Topic album. A legendary collection of tunes still played in sessions today plus additional live tracks.


Track 1 – Harper’s Frolic/Bonny Kate


  • Polkas: Harper’s Frolic/Bonny Kate Schottische: The Mountain Belle
  • Song: You Can’t Take That On The Train
  • Waltzes: Charles Lynch’s/Cajun Waltz/Banks of the Dee
  • Song: Pretty Little Girl from Nowhere
  • Rag: Nellie’s First Rag
  • Polkas: Robbie Hobkirk’s/Father’s
  • Jigs: Mrs Grace Bowie/The Hogmanay
  • Song: Mamie May
  • Reels: Moustache.Cornriggs
  • March: One More Dance and Then Song: Long Long Trail
  • Polka: The Busby
  • Jig: Looking for a Partner
  • Song: It Ain’t All Honey and It Ain’t all Jam
  • Polkas: Speed the Plough/Rochdale
  • Coconut Dance; Britannia/Coconut Dance
  • Song: Ragged But Right