An Introduction to Nic Jones

An Introduction to Nic Jones




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The 14th release in Topic’s acclaimed series An Introduction To....

“I think this selection of tracks represents very well my working repertoire during the years I was a professional performer.  In music I have always liked stories, encapsulated in a rhythmic way.  I have enjoyed the visions, true or false, black or white, philosophical or emotional, played to the best on my old guitar.  Some songs were researched from sound or written archival material; some learnt along the way from other professional and amateur singers whilst on my travels; some composed by others or myself.  So here are a few of those songs that will take you all around the world and, hopefully, set your own visions alight.”

Nic Jones – January 2019


Track 11 – I Only Spoke Portuguese

Track 7 – Farewell to the Gold


  • Courting is a Pleasure
  • Hamburger Polka
  • Isle of France
  • Billy Don’t You Weep for Me
  • Dives and Lazarus
  • Barrack Street
  • Farewell to the Gold
  • Rufford Park Poachers
  • Seven Yellow Gypsies
  • Humpback Whale

Bonus Unreleased Tracks

  • I Only Spoke Portuguese
  • Now