Nic Jones - British Folk Singer and GuitaristNic Jones is a British folk singer and guitarist. Amongst the most acclaimed artists to emerge from the British Folk Revival, his sensibility and approach to the arrangement of traditional folk songs has been a major influence on the folk scene since the early 1970’s.

His original percussive style is still imitated by many and as a singer he had few peers. Despite the accident that ended his career, nearly 30 years on he remains one of the most influential and respected performers, his reputation and available recordings continuing to attract an audience too young to have seen him perform. You can find out more in Nic’s biography and gallery.

In February 2007 at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards Nic was presented with the Good Tradition Award in recognition of his exceptional contribution to traditional music and culture.

In September 2011 Nic was awarded the EFDSS Gold Badge, and was presented with it by President, Shirley Collins, at the concert at Cecil Sharp House on 22nd September 2012.

2012 saw Nic unexpectedly return to performing at a handful of festivals; Warwick, Cambridge, Towersey and Cornwall, accompanied by Joseph Jones and Belinda O'Hooley.

2013 Nic received the BBC Radio 2 Folk Singer of the Year award and, following the success of his performances with the Trio, appeared at 6 festivals during the year.

Having been followed throughout the year by film producer, Michael Proudfoot, the resulting documentary "The Enigma of Nic Jones" will be screened on 27th September'13  on BBC Four.