Joseph Jones

Joseph taught himself to play guitar whilst living away from home in Newcastle. His alter-ego, Troy Lovehammer, plays electric bass in Electric Fuzz (along with his old school chums, Paul, James and Ian) – a non-professional band, playing purely for their own amusement and that of their friends.

Joe accompanied Nic on the CD “The Halliard: Broadside Songs” and at the QEH, Southbank concert, “In Search of Nic Jones”.

We may see a third generation of Joneses take up the baton as Eli, Joe’s 4 years old son, does a fair rendition of Captain Grant. Although he can’t play the mandolin, he strums the open strings totally in time with whatever little song he is singing.

Video of Joe and Nic at the QEH:

Alex Moran

Not following in the folk tradition, but making a name for himself as a singer/songwriter, Alex formed the band, The Seven Deadly Sins, based in Edinburgh. Since debuting on the Scottish live circuit in September 2010, they haved sold out venues and received excellent reviews. For more information on this talented young man, go to his website below.

Latest video from The Seven Deady Sins – Yesterday:

New 4 track EP Misery Lake now available via the website, see above and also iTunes.

Malcolm Bushby

Son of John Bushby (an honourary Halliard member after his instrumental contributions on “The Halliard: Broadside Songs”), Malcolm is an accomplished fiddler. Born in Tasmania, with a strong Scottish heritage, Malcolm grew up listening to the traditional music of Scotland and Ireland through his parents' playing and recordings. Now living in Newcastle, his stunning debut CD "Islands" is now available through his website. For more information on his achievements go to his website below.

Malcom’s Leaving Stoer video: